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TiKay Suave




✊🏽🏴 first and unapologetically. I am looking to connect with people on this platform to learn,as well as, offer knowledge.Music and words are a part of my heart. Communication will develop thoughts and practices that will change the world. I see wonderful conversation and discussions in the near future with Clubhouse. Let’s create networks. Roll Tide 💯💪🏽🐘 She/Her🏳️‍🌈🤓🤠 ♊️ in the Purest form 😊 Huntsville, AL 📍🚀 Pour Perfection🍸🥃🥂🍷 ✅20+ years Mixology Experience ✅Private Bartender ✅Add me to your team:Event Planners, Food Trucks,Private Parties,Date Nights 😉©️ Check me out on tiktok @pourperfection $POETikay-CashApp