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如果想贊助我,喺Buy Me a Coffee/Ko-Fi請我飲杯咖啡: 👆🏻 新開張!!! 👆🏻Kofi也可以用,很方便的。 ENFP. English teacher. Recovering workaholic. YouTuber @與芬尼學英語 @芬尼創業日記 🎬 🎧 Podcaster. YouTube creator. Blogger. Content creator. Book curator. Marketer. Coach and relationship nurturer. Entrepreneur. Course creator. Communication style observer. GaryVee is my idol and is the entrepreneur I’d like to become. 👩🏻 Mum of two kittens. 🐱🐱 🎬 Movie, 🎵 music and 📖 book lover and somewhat of a podcast addict who loves to write. ✏️ Striving to be a constructive and kind conversationalist who can help you with language learning, content marketing and life in general. ❤️ My latest blog post on Medium:👇 想同我學英文,可以喺呢度開始:👇 ICQ podcast: 香港零一訪問: 🌟 Clubhouse rooms that I host 🌟 創業無定向瘋 Tue 1030pm-12am 不定期英文教學/分享房:英文讀書會/新聞英語/英語聆聽房/英語傾計房 ——————————————————— 我有兩個ig和fb,一個ig和fb是教英文的,另一個ig和fb是講創業和做內容心得的,歡迎follow: 英文ig:finnieslanguagesarts 創業內容創作ig:finniesmarketing 英文fb:與芬尼學英語 創業內容創業fb:芬尼創業日記 記住follow埋我MeWe page:與芬尼學英語、芬尼創業日記,有獨家content架