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Tiffany C. Everett




🔟❌ eXp Realtor partnered w/Elena Cardone I work with buyers and sellers and help biz owners gain exposure using social media(reels) 🇺🇸I help buyers/sellers and real estate professionals create generational wealth Let me help you! 🔥Sign up for consultation ❤️Gave birth to a child born with a condition that can cause brain damage (Hydrocephalus) and found my purpose. To help others. 💕💕 💫MY CLUBS 👋 "Special Needs Success " 🏆Helping Special Needs Families Win 🏅Sunday's 8pmest on CH 👋BeastMode Club Saturday /Thurs 8pm DM Email for ebook copy “Achieving your purpose by activating your passion.” 🎙Podcast Host: Kick Chaos to the curb ❤️Mission to impact 10million entrepreneurs and make a great impact in the kingdom. ❤️About TiffanyC❤️ 🏡 I specialize in luxury residential, first time homebuyers and new construction. 🎯 Social media nerd 🌱 I grow organic food in my garden 🎉My son is a Hydrocephalus warrior 🗣 Psoriasis is my thorn managed by eating gluten, dairy, and egg free. I cook livestream recipes on -------------------------------------------------- How I bring value (DM me)📲 📣Minister the gospel-I love 2 pray ⚡️Special needs advocate ⚡️ Social Media Creator 🏆Hydrocephalus resources ⚡️ Virtual work at home (ask how) ⚡️ 1 on 1 and 💻 Group Coaching ( -----------------//------------------------------ @grantcardone 10x Mentee 10x business, life, and family. Grant Cardone says he is Proud of my growth. Elena Cardone says I represent going all in. 🔟❌ Grant Cardone Licensee 🔟❌ Cardone Ventures 🔟❌Accelerator Mentorship 🔟❌Cardone University 🔟❌ Growthcon 2021 VIP 📲contact me 844-770-7774 💫 Let’s Connect💫 I’m @tiffanyceverett on social media 💣Bitclout @tiffanyceverett FB @tiffanyceverett tiktok @tiffanyceverett Snapchat @tiffanyceverett LinkedIn @tiffanyceverett IG @tiffanyceverett Pinterest too 🤗