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Tiffany Alysa Accardi




Founder + CEO @GalsThatBrunch 🥂 🌍 A global community w/ 120+ Chapters throughout the US, Canada, UK, Australia + More! 🕊Spirit Led Movement Maker, Expert Community Builder, Speaker, Equipper + Strategist with a 💗 heartbeat for Maximizing Leaders and Equipping Dreamers. 💡I come alongside world leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses + pastors to train, scale and nurture powerful communities + impact driven movements... 🍑 Me = Super Soul Sunday + Olivia Pope = ready to inspire the masses! 🎧 Clubhouse has allowed me to live my childhood dreams of becoming a Radio DJ 🤪🙌 ⤵️: I moderate some of the biggest stages. DM me on ig “MOD” for Pro Moderation. 📩 DM me on Instagram “BIO GUIDE” for my FREE clubhouse Bio Optimization Guide. 📥 DM me on Instagram “PODCAST PITCH” for my FREE dream podcast pitch template. ✳️ Host @ 💪🏽 The Power of Community Building 🗯 💣 📢 🦋CH Intentions: I’m here to authentically LOVE, impact, build family, mentor, grow + 🦾 change the world. Open to personal + biz connections! 💘 🙋‍♀️Topics I 💛: Maximizing Clubhouse, Community Building, Social Media, E-commerce Strategies, Pastoral Care, Digital Marketing, Worship Leading, Prophetic Processing, Prophetic Mentorship, Leadership, Peace Building & Reconciliation, Creativity and Creative Direction, Marketing Strategies, Music Marketing, Artist Development, Foodie Entrepreneurship x Branding Architecture. 🖤 More of the Journey over here ⤵️ 💌 P E N P A L S | [email protected] V E N M O | @Tiffany-Accardi 📍San Diego + Los Angeles 👋 🇮🇹Say Hello + Let’s Connect 🤍 ⬇️