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Tie-yay Robinson




Allow Me to (Re)-Introduce Myself: - I have studied social justice theory and dialogic pedagogy since my early twenties..I’m now in my mid thirties. - I taught my first gender oppression dialogue in my early twenties. -My Master’s degree is in Higher Education - I’m a doctoral student in DEI Education. -I’ve been advocating for Black people on the app since I started…I hosted a room on the app asking tough questions of the Clubhouse team..and it led me to co-hosting Lessons in Moderation in Clubhouse HQ with Anu until June 2022. …as a result…make sure you put some respect on my name when you interact with me. Additionally: ✨Debate is centered in winning. Dialogue is centered in learning.✨ *My presence in a room does not equate to agreement with the title or opinions shared by other speakers* I am a TedX speaker, presenter at the Harvard Alumni of Color Conference and NCORE (National Conference on Race and Ethnicity) workshop presenter. I have a small business with clients that include a Top 5 pharmaceutical company, international publishing houses, and local non-profits making a big difference in their local community. My business focuses on using curiosity, humility, and empathy to have real dialogue. This method is anti-performative justice and requires people to be accountable in their words and actions. I love to talk....connect....and make a difference.