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Niche: SEO 16 years | Digital Marketing Maven…I sell Cannabis Packaging to Cultivators & Dispensaries 🇵🇦 Panamanian-born🇵🇦 Residing in Marina del Rey CA 🛳🏖 Here to add value, learn, and network. Follow @masteringpop and @Shopify101 on clubhouse if you want to learn how to scale your e-commerce store. Follow me, click the 🔔 at the top, and press “Always” to get notified when I’m speaking. 🤓Owner of Cannabis Packaging company Owner of Digital Marketing & SEO Coaching Business💰(Mastering Profitability over Popularity) 💥Scaled E-comm brands to 6, 7 & 8 figures >>>>>>>>>>⭕️PROFIT FIRST⭕️<<<<<<<<<< ✅ I help e-commerce store owners Get Repeat Customers without paid ads by scaling their customer base through automations. AKA I help increase the value of your future. 📚Creator of “The No-Fail Mastering E-comm Workflow Bundle”. E-commerce store owners... ⬇️ Download my FREE e-book, The No-Fail Get More Repeat Customer System at 🎥 I have a YouTube channel where I share what helped me to generate 7 figures in under a year! No fluff training! (Tia N Jones YouTube)! ☑️ Need a Digital Marketing Expert for your next in-person conference, podcast, or virtual summit? Contact: [email protected] ALL IMPORTANT LINKS ARE IN MY IG BIO. 😉