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Monalisha Gantayat




🌸Goddess in Euphoria 👸Divine Feminine 🩸 Founder & Managing Director - Join the Community(club) - Cognitive Excellence ❤️ 🌱🥝🍐🍉🍎🍓🍌🥑🥦🥒🍠🥕🍄🥞🥗🍲🍹🍵☕ Living the divine beyond imagination 💖 💮Business Woman 💮Wellbeing Counsellor 💮Thought & Sustainability Leadership 💮Mental Health Wellness Educator 💮Cosmic Consciousness Influencer 💮Connection & Communication Guide 💮Love & Playfulness frequency energizer 💮Podcaster 💮Youtuber 💮Writer/Lyricist/Author 💮Humanitarian & Philanthropy ☘️🌸🌼You are the formless Intelligence co-creating with Magical Mona 🤩 💮Linked In: 💮 YOUTUBE: 💮Independent ✍️Script & Song Writer🎶 Singer🎤🎙️ 💮 Songs - Freedom, Victory, Indigo Bride 👁️'I Am' Consciousness- Club is birthed to feel Divinity 🧖 You can donate to the club if you resonate with the topics 💜 DM me for account details 🥳🌟🌸 Celebrating Ecstacy In Oneness 💖🌠🎶☘️✨🎉❣️