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πŸ“ˆ Exploring the intersections of Neurodiversity with Peak Performance & Flow State training. βž•β™₯️ All my links: 🌐 🧠 Live unapologetically with your ADHD ✨🧠✨ High Performance Coach helping: β€’ Entrepreneurs β€’ Tech & data science professionals β€’ Coaches Leverage your unique brain wiring to: β€’ Identify, Disrupt, & Retrain unhelpful triggers and negative patterns β€’ Leverage your Environment to make life easier β€’ Cultivate Mental Fitness β€’ Build Personal Resilience β€’ Enhance Emotional Agility β€’ Optimize your Productivity πŸ“ @ThinckFinck on Medium, Substack, & Twitter πŸŽ™Host ADHD Brains Radio Podcast πŸ“© DMs open πŸŒŽπŸ•“ TimeZone EST (GMT -4) πŸ₯@ThinckFinck & @ADHDBrainsRadio on Twitter IMPORTANT NOTE: In almost never on Instagram. If you message me there, I may not see it for a while. I’ll see DMs on Twitter or Backchannel on Clubhouse sooner. ADD #MentalHealthMatters