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ChefMimi Lan




👩🏻‍🍳I’m a personal & popup dinner chef who curates thoughtful, immersive dining experiences. My signature VIGLO (Vietnamese + global) cuisines is about using inspirations from my extensive travels & trainings at the world’s most celebrated Michelin restaurants (Per Se, Gaggan’s) while honoring traditional flavors of the past. 🎗️My annual trips to Vietnam for my mission work have given me an intimate window into the evolution of Vietnamese food for the past 20 years. 🍠 🥦My goal is to use my food to connect with people and to elevate Vietnamese + global cuisines by applying my cooking philosophy: premium local ingredients; innovation; healthier adaptations; and sustainable practices. MY STORY 🍜 My family & I immigrated to the US after the fall of Saigon, Vietnam, when I was a child & it was my aunt’s makeshift phở shop that taught me the power of food. Her comforting bowls of phở brought dispirited strangers together to congregate in her tiny one-bedroom apartment to connect while slurping her delicious phở. That lesson of the power of food as nourishment not just for the body but also the soul always stuck with me & shaped my journey as a chef. 🔪 Being a chef is my 3rd Act 🏆 2nd Act: owner of an award-winning, boutique marketing firm for the luxury sector for 10+ years 1️⃣ 1st Act: marketing director / events producer ✳️ Clubhouse club founder FOOD IS RELIGION that used to hold 18 wkly rooms ✳️ Created high profile, impactful CH rooms: 💥 James Beard Foundation & BestServed Podcast about important issues in the food industry 💥 Exclusive interview with award-winning docu film A Fine Line’s producer Joanna James 💥 Exclusive CH Interview with Andrew Zimmern 💥 (3 X) Meet the TV Food Execs from Masterchef, Hell’s Kitchen, Bizarre Foods, Chopped, Food Network, Food Paradise & more 💥 Tribute to RoadRunner Film About Anthony Bourdain with JBF & Culinary Institute of America 😘 Fun facts: - I’m a “supertaster” - 🧚🏼‍♀️ Volunteer in DaNang, Vietnam hospital annually - My culinary heroes: A Bourdain, José Andres, and Joanna James - Working on my 1st cookbook - Feed me or let me feed you HOW TO WORK WITH ME: * Popup & Private Dinners * Recipe development * Gourmet Take-Outs * Cooking classes 🖤