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Proud father, serial investor, and entrepreneur who's life is dedicated to purpose-driven startups and small businesses. Welcome to my Clubhouse profile! With over two decades of experience as a Strategic Solution Architect, I've provided disruptive and sustainable solutions to 400+ entrepreneurs, professionals, small businesses, enterprises, and nonprofits across diverse industries, driving real results and growth. My expertise covers international business, marketing, web technology planning, innovative strategies, media development, funding resourcing, vendor acquisition, and implementation services. As the founder of Solution Guru Brands, I specialize in creative business strategy, leadership development, marketing, and multimedia strategies. With a Master Black Belt Six Sigma status and Applied Management PMP certification, I ensure efficient and effective problem-solving through a process-oriented approach. I'm particularly interested in connecting with serious startups, growing businesses, and C-level executives seeking innovative approaches to success. Leading Solution Guru Brands, I focus on delivering customized solutions for startups and transforming small businesses, ensuring our clients' long-term success. If you're looking to achieve real results in management, transformation, marketing, sales, partnership development, or capital raising, let's connect and uncover your unique blueprint for success together! #Strategist #AI #ML #ArtLover #Futurist