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Theresia Kody




Asking WHY since ‘89 Connector. Envisioning Possibilities✨ small town heart with big city dreams Workforce | Workplace Culture | Purpose Pronounced tuh-REE-sah She/Her/Hers UPDATE: (1/12/22) I’ve noticed message requests (& follows). Please know I don’t respond to trading messages & messages that make CH feel like a dating app. 🙅🏻‍♀️ **Being extra intentional with time on CH right now. DM me if there’s a room you’d like me to join or to explore collaboration ♥️** 🏠 MY INTENTION ON CH: • to connect, not impress • authentically show up • to learn with and from • to collaborate • to serve • to grow [Looking for credentials on topics? Message me.] 🤷🏻‍♀️ WHO AM I? I am a complex person with many layers, one who loves learning and stays curious. I believe each person is more than a title or a role they hold, so I like to live in a world beyond filled with experience sharing and tapping into purpose. Creating is my sweet spot. I love connecting people. I envision possibilities. I believe in people. I find myself bridging siloed systems with intention for those systems to better serve the people. I believe our workforce and workplaces can be stronger when we welcome all, respect all, seek understanding, and build each other up. I find joy listening to people share their story and share their purpose, watching their inner light radiate from their soul. I feel honored when presented an opportunity to partner with a person in unlocking their potential. I believe every single person is created on purpose, with purpose. 💡 HOW CAN I SERVE? Navigating how I’m called to serve here will grow. I welcome meaningful connection, collaboration on/off CH, & more. What resonates or aligns with you? 💭 👥 Connect with me here or: • IG @theresia_kody 📍🇺🇸 [Profile Photo Description: Theresia wears a black tee, glasses with her curly brown hair down and smiles for a selfie with her essential oil diffuser on behind her in the left portion of the background.]