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Rona Hyman




Storyteller/Actor/comedian/stand up/entertainer/improv/sketch comedy/writing/emcee/host. Most of the TV characters, some theater characters, that I have portrayed, usually carried a gavel or gun 👩‍⚖️🔫 AEA (EMC) 🎭 Fully vaccinated I always thought that I loved performing and or playing different characters, because I was more comfortable being someone else; I realize now, when I am portraying a character/characters, I am bringing out the best and most fulfilled part of me. Became a household name during the pandemic. With the name Rona Hyman, I had to be funny. I have even been told, you look like you would be funny. Is that a compliment? Love to laugh, always try to find the humor in things. Love to collaborate and brainstorm with other creatives! 🧠📝✍ Love ice cream!🍦 Broadway musicals/songs Movie/theater/musical lines and references. Proud member and student of Hollywood Winners Circle Academy HWC Working on my One Woman Show! 🎤📺