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I guarantee I have touched your life… and you didn’t even realize it because you’re always being touched with a promotional product. AB Unlimited Worldwide consults clients such as Sony Pictures, NFL Network, Mattel, TOMS Shoes, and USC. They sleep good at night knowing we’re connecting them with their customers with custom products that create loyalty. Have you ever been to: the Superbowl: All those events happening outside the stadium? Our clients use AB Unlimited Worldwide to create those sets and product giveaways. TOMS Shoes and Guitar Center: Ever seen those neat graphics in all the store windows? Yep, AB Unlimited Worldwide again! USC: We helped this university raise $6.5B for their endowment using our custom made products. About Me:📍🇺🇸🇨🇦 CEO, Esq., Baton Twirling guru, World Traveler, Tourette Syndrome icon, and prays to my angels. Founder of AB Golf, The Promo Lawyer, and The Williams Group. Chip Hopper calls me the “Perseverance Jedi”, Lindsey Brooks calls me “Badass”, & Chris Voss (FBI Negotiations expert) tells me to “raise the bar”! Currently writing my memoir. Resilience & Grit: I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the really ugly in a 7-figure business. I’m the Olivia Pope of promotional products. I fix the shit other companies fuck up. Former litigation attorney & counsel on Nat’l/Int’l NP boards. In 2013, I helped reorganize 24 NBTA countries into a world org & in 2014, helped negotiate the formation of IBTF, a union of twirling federations between WFNBTA & WBTF. I currently sit on the IBTF BOD & the Olympic Sub-Committee for the application process for GAISF, whose membership is a prerequisite for the recognition of baton twirling by the IOC. Advice: ASSEMBLE your tribe, LEVERAGE your network, CONTROL your supply chain, be NICE to everybody, be a FAMILY FIRST corporate culture, practice GRATITUDE! Alum: UCLA, 10kSB, Stanford SLEI, Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business EEP, Toyota Mentorship Program Fun fact: during law school, I was a contestant on The Weakest Link, MTV’s WebRiot, Win Ben Stein’s Money, and Street Smarts. Following: The Pivot Queen Kate Hancock, Forbes Riley, Zadasi Disclaimer: conversing with me on Clubhouse does not create an attorney-client relationship.