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Entrepreneur, Consultant, Speaker, Therapist and now ⭐️Author—-New guided journal Ebook…Worthy: A Mindset Companion For Entrepreneurial Womxn of Color OUT NOW.⭐️ Purchase ebook here: 🗣Licensed Professional Counselor, PMH-C 💕Relationship Therapist 🤰🏿Perinatal Mental Health Therapist ⭐️The health of Black womxn is my priority. 👉🏿she/her 👉🏿Brainspotter🧠🪄 👉🏿Globetrotter🌎🌍🌏 👉🏿Mommy of 3 👧🏿🧒🏿👶🏿 🔹🗣I would love to sit on your stage and contribute to your wonderful topics however, due to a full caseload I cannot guarantee same day notice. Please DM me at least 48hours ahead of time. 🗣🎤 Mindfully living in the space of yes….AND 💫Asking people to take a step back and look 👀 into their own pain points🧘🏿‍♀️🧘🏿 🔑Wellness Curator 🔑Health At Every Size Advocate 🔑Anxiety Crusher 🔑 Somatic Wellness facilitator Stress in the body? 😦😮‍💨🥱 Let’s werk that out🎯 ⚕️BIPOC Health Equity Consultant ⚕️ I help small and medium sized organizations navigate culturally competent topics and highlight inclusive practices to better serve the BIPOC community. 🔑 Dismantling white supremacy 🔑 Anti-Racism 🔑self work 👩🏿‍⚕️👨🏽‍⚕️BIPOC providers we support you! 🔑 Affinity Support Group Facilitator 🔑Come and get this werk! 😌😌😌 🔎Find me: 💎 📱LinkedIn: Love networking, connecting with new friends, and speaking….regular and special all at the same time 😩😮‍💨😌 🤯I do not provide therapy on this platform.🤯 Therapy will not be provided by Reketta on any social media platform. Tools provided are for psychoeducational purposes only. Please seek services by logging on to the following directories: