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Quonie Burks




〰️ I can’t stop you from aging but I can show you how I slowed down the aging process ❓〰️ 🧬Are you BIOHACKING❓Biohacking is taking control of your genomic expressions with nutrition and getting a desired outcome. What does that mean? 🧔🏾Me personally recover faster and age slower because of it. I can very simply show you how I Biohack. ”As you PROCEED in entrepreneurial SUCCESS go in HEALTH.” ~quonie burks~ ⛑HEALTH and SUCCESS correlate and those are the #onlyfacts 💪🏾📠. ACTIVATE 🧬your cells through nutrition aka BIOHACK, that way you DONT HURT YOURSELF by NOT optimizing your HEALTH. 💠BIOHACKER ➕ 💠NUTRIGENOMICS 👇🏾👇🏾 ✳️DECREASE INFLAMMATION ✳️Speed up RECOVERY 🙌🏾 ✳️ Decrease OXIDATIVE STRESS ✳️SLOW DOWN AGING ⏳ 👇🏾👇🏾 💠Patented natural products. 🤷🏾‍♂️The sooner you slide in my DMs the sooner you can start inquiring about Biohacking ❓ 💠Improve the quality of your life by ACTIVATING your Nrf2 pathway (A cellular regulating gene inside of you) 🧬 💠UTILIZE a specific herbal blend I use 😉.Follow my IG and TikTok (same_qb)&(@quonieburksthefirst). 💠💸Your health is an investment not an expense. Let me educate you on this investment #fwm 🤔 Now for the big ballers. (Angel investors)😇 🤑🏈 🤔 Imagine being able to invest in Facebook Google or Twitter in the beginning.🧑‍💻🐦 ✅ I a own a start up technology company that solely focuses on personalized technology 🤳🏾🌃for a city. ✅ This personalized technology highlights set local market events and allows you to seamlessly navigate through that particular city. That’s just a brief description 😏deep intel is only for serious investors and developers only📍🗺👨🏾‍💻....PS. We have the beta 😉 message me on IG 🙏🏾🤳🏾✊🏾 📍Toledo, Ohio 🇺🇸