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🔍 Visionary | 📣 Voice | 💰Virtual Resource & Relationship Broker ♣️🏡 Intentions: 📞 “How can I connect you” to the resources and relationships you need? Motto/Mantra: ”I am the voice for those that don’t have one until they have the wisdom to know that they do.” Got a question you want answers to and afraid to ask it yourself, I got you.😘 🥂Meetup Maximizer at MeetUpMoguls where intentional relationships and a deeper connection are born through intimate & exclusive custom-curated meets-ups. 📰 Seen in Ellese & Co, Black Women Mean Business, 💵 Resource Broker for 7 figure clients (DM for references) 👩🏽‍💻 Founder of AMarkersLounge, Virtual Resource Broker Firm. Connecting entrepreneurs to resources they need to obtain, maintain, and retain their ideal clients, adding leads to their book of business to maximize their earning potential. ✳️ PAID Mogul Moderator. My ♣️🏡: A Marketers Lounge MeetupMoguls ♣️ where I admin and moderate ✳️: What It Takes to Run a Million Dollar Business Mind Your Mental Heal on Purpose(new) Black Women Startup Queen Moms VIPModSquad 💋 About me: ♊️ ☀️ ♋️ ⬆️ ♓️ 🌙 K♣️ 5/1 Generator w/Emotional Authority ENTJ-A DC4L - Dallas Cowboy fan 💙🖤 🎙I have a love for voice over work(this is in my near future) 📕📖 Background in behavioral and social sciences 📚 with strengths in business organizational psychology, grief management, and family services. 📍Sweet spots for me: 🇺🇸 Silver Spring MD > Columbia SC > Houston TX > Chicago IL > Atlanta GA SN: 🥃 #bourbon #bossbabe #signaturelibations #licensedlifeinsuranceagent Survived 8.5 car accidents, 25+ years in corporate💼, and Chicago winters🌬. #bethevoice #awomansvoice #moderator #workshopfacilitator #meetupmaximizer #theoper8tor #generator #connector Connections: 🖥 @amarketerslounge @theoper8tor(across platforms) 📱773.430.7337 📩 [email protected] 🌐 🦉 /SM393920 46387 49264 23363