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❓What's YOUR writing style? 👉 Schedule a chat to find out you can can stat Winning With Writing! chat 🌈Get my e-book Six Reasons Why Your Story Matters right now!! 👉 Use ✍️ writing in your process? I’ll take your words from Dull 🎭 to 😇 Divinely Designed and help you tell a better story about your business or your life!! Find out how at 🔗 👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏿 I create unique opportunities for Writers like YOU to share YOUR Stories; 🗣 have their voices heard; 🎙 share their truth; 💵 and EARN! Your stories are not for YOU, 🌱 they’re for the 🌎 WORLD! And the world needs your STORIES!💭 Struggling to finish your 📚 Book? People Call Me “The 🧙🏻 Word Wizard!” I empower Women to share their transformational stories… 💛 that heal the world! 💜 I call it my “Divinely Designed” process! 💚 DM ME to learn more about my Storytelling Coaching Services! ☕️ 🇺🇸FUN FACTS ABOUT ME: ☕️ Coffee Lover 📚 Author of two books, titled after unnamed women of the Bible 📕 Co Author of International bestseller on business 📙 Co Author of 2 books on Visibility in Business 🌻 Writer's Coach and Mentor 🗣 Speaker 📈 Presenter 😇 CEO of Divinely Designed LLC ✍️ Founder of the Writers ☕️ Coffee and 🗣Conversations™️ 🔥 Founder The Writer's Lounge Club 🕊 Biblical Storyteller 🕯Certified Lay Speaker 💡 Columnist in multiple print and on-line journals ⛪ Congregational Leadership Certification 🔬 Discover great resources for writers: 🍏 Looking for a great virtual writers’ group: ❤️ PayPal: 👋 I’m here to Collaborate & Learn! 📱I am an Expert Speaker & Moderator on the following topics: 🎙 Storytelling ☕️ Advice 📖 Writing ⛪️ Christianity 🕯 Spirituality 🕊 Faith 👋 Clubhouse 🌱 Networking 📎 Small Business 🏹 Entrepreneurship 📱 Product 📈 Marketing 🌳 Philosophy 📚 Books 🌻 Life ☕️ Support 🌀 DM me on Instagram so we can team up on a room together 👋 Want more exposure? Just say no to empty rooms! ✨ Ask me about opening a room in Writer’s Haven! 👋 Rooms I Host in Writer’s Haven virtual community : Mon-Friday noon EDT: Get Your ✍️ ON : Writing 💥 Power Hour 💈 And don’t forget to Ask me how to join my virtual community The Writer’s Haven. Join my House: Writer’s Haven Click on the Lady in the Coffee Cup! 👇🏻