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Susan Hum




Aka 💘 The Love Hacker I disrupt confusion with TRUTH Entrepreneur & Superconnector 🇨🇦 Master Coach/Mentor Lived an incredible 11 years in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 and Singapore 🇸🇬 🛑 I will NEVER trade my integrity and dignity for 💰 🧚‍♀️Who freakin said magic is not real!! 🎯 Getting to the heart of YOUR truth is your only way to freedom 💡Clarity is gold. Be the magnet 🧲 to the needle in the haystack 🪄 Modern alchemy is turning shit into gold. 🧚‍♀️ Passionista of anything REAL 🙏 I believe that our relationship with LOVE ❤️ and MONEY💰are the only 2 things that matter in life 💯 success and fulfillment Creator of The Conscious Boardroom, high level masterminds for conscious leaders. COO, Energyne, LLC CEO, Steel Rose Inc. Founder, Mind Mastery Consulting I am a strong advocate for conscious leadership. Be true to myself as I remain true to the world. Integrity is NOT about equality, I stand for FAIRNESS. Fav quote: “DIVERSITY is a seat at the table. INCLUSION is having a voice. BELONGING is having that voice be heard” - Liz Fosslien & Mollie Duffy A Steel Rose woman leads with the strength of steel, lives with the grace of a rose and loves with dignity. In 2020, I decided to pursue my mission as a thought leader to contribute to positive change and be the FORCE FOR LOVE in the world by creating The Steel Rose Movement, a platform for all women who are inspired to create the life of their dreams, who want more love, who want more money to do more for the good of humanity and collectively elevate one other to become better versions of self. I am on a mission to elevate love consciousness in the world by narrowing all divides in society, whether between women, men and women, races or cultures, identity preferences or personal beliefs. BE SEEN, BE HEARD… BELONG LinkedIn: