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Leesey Bengall




Pronounced (LEE-SEE) My energy is focused on interacting with great people to connect with and gain knowledge about the nonprofit world 🌎 My nonprofit THE MOMBAE MOVEMENT, INC is set out to work with our communities and partners to improve black maternal health, and impacting affected communities by providing advocacy, resources and opportunities. 👑As founder of The MomBAE Movement™️, I want to ensure moms are presented with the resources and opportunities that allow them to care for themselves, their family, & their future. The MomBAE Movement™️ is dedicated to resetting the foundation for minority mothers by providing the education, resources, and opportunities in the community in order to create more self-sufficient individuals as well and bridging the gap that occurs when mothers are focused on survival which removes key factors that their children need to thrive in life. 🌟JOIN OUR NEW CLUB THE MOMBAE MOVEMENT, A CLUB FOR MOMS TO FOCUS ON SELF-DISCOVERY, SELF-DEVELOPMENT, BECOMING THE BEST VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES🌟 Click the club at the bottom left to join⬇️ Looking for connections/speakers in the fields of: 📌 Passionate Board Members 📌Nonprofits for possible partnerships 📌Doulas/Midwives 📌Wellness Experts 📌Mental Health/Therapists 📌Fitness Educators 📌Donors 💫If you can help the cause in anyway, or have any advice, tips, etc. please DM me💛 📍Atlanta Wife💍 Mommy of 3 🧑🏾‍🦱👦🏾👧🏾 Twin Mommy 💖💙 Mommy Motivator👏🏾 Mental Health Advocate🧠 BLACK Maternal Health Advocate 🤰🏾