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🧘‍♀️Laughter Yoga Facilitator for YOU ❤️ 💥My MISSION is to Bring Laughter to 1,000,000 people by December ✳️ Moderators - would you like a Laughter Lift to your room? DM me to lift your room. 🎙Invite me to be a guest on your podcast/show or ask me to laugh from your stage! Laughter is an emotion, a feeling that we all have within us, and I have the magic formula to coax it out of people. And.... 🤣I can get this room laughing and uplifted within seconds – Why not ASK ME how?? 🤣 ♣️🏠For Daily Laughter - JOIN ‘Laughter and Positivity’ CLUB look for the red hat. Add this 🤣 if you would like to be pinged when I am laughing in rooms 🤣🤣 I am on clubhouse to network, collaborate, laugh and be inspired by great people 👍 ✳️ Very happy to add value to your room all around mindset, laughter and the power within. ___________________________________ Other bits about me.. 👔 7 figure hospitality business owner – Trading since 2009. 🏠 Property Investor - 3 houses and growing 🔗Avid Networker – ❤️meeting NEW people that are on my wave length 🎙Podcast Host - Laughter and Positivity 🌊Wave worshiper in my spare time 🏓 Table Tennis enthusiast 🌱Vegan ___________________________________ Check out #thelaughterman on all social channels to get a visual feel for what I do. I like to hang out on LinkedIn – @thelaughterman – come say ‘Hello Ha Ha Ha’ OR - DM me on Instagram to share some laughter – all messages get answered with a chuckle. ⬇️🤣⬇️🤣⬇️🤣⬇️🤣