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Kim Korte




Sensory Perception & Emotion Management Strategist for curating connections, perceptions, reactions, & decisions. Perceptions provide the ingredients... Experiences contain the recipes... What is served are your emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and decisions. I am not a doctor, neuroscientist, or therapist. My superpower has always been my curiosity and ability to make connections; both people and ideas. I am a self-educated on the topics related to emotions, the brain and all that science stuff. A survivor of a lot of bullshit (aka trauma) inspired me to go down this path. I am in awe of the body and life in general. Existence. The powerful atom connects us to everything (animals, sea-life, the earth, etc.) and everyone (those you love, hate, admire, disrespect, ignore and treat with kindness). Some things for which I have strong emotions: ❣️Not believing every thought or feeling ❣️Being exposed to diverse experiences ❣️Connectivity to self and others ❣️Making the world a better place ❣️My husband ❣️❣️My two fur-babies ❣️ Family and friends LinkedIn: @thekimkorte Open to supporting your club or room as a moderator on subjects related to emotions, emotion management, personal culture, values, leadership, corporate culture, emotional culture, communication, relationships...all things related to building interpersonal and socioemotional connections.