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Jeremy W.




❌️#CancelHousingCrisis Hey my name is Jeremy Wenger, and I'm known as The Tiny Home Plug, however my Consultancy is a fully integrated in the Affordable Housing and FAST Luxury Minimalistic Dveelopments. On the development side, I consult to configure your deal like a Rubex Cube to: 💪 Remove roadblocks ✅️👀 Identify the Unsuspecting Bear Traps 😎 Position, Package, and Pitch Your Deal all the way to funding _________________ I also own Tiny Home Funding, LLC which is an alternative lending arm operating in Commercial, Residential, and Business Purpose Lending to ensure from Funding to Exit, your deal gets the financing and funding needed using both: ✅️Retail & Private Money to ensure the proper creative stacking to your project, ensuring the best long term outcome. 💪✅️Projects in the Works 👉 $2B Project, 1st Step $95MM, Industrial 👉 $35MM RV Resort New Construction 👉 PO Financing for Manufacturing for $20MM in orders 👉 5,000 Acres Mixed Use Development ... and counting. 🤠💥👍 What Business Models Work Best with Container Homes, Modular, etc? ✅️Single Family Housing ✅️Short Term Rentals ✅️Mobile Home Parks ✅️RV Parks ✅️ADU's for the Backyard/Back Property ✅️Commercial Rental Space ✅️Hunting Lodges ✅️Corporate Housing ✅️Apartment Complexes ✅️Boutique Hotels ✅️Motels and Hotels .... and whatever you liiiike... even Horse Trailers and Stables! 🤠👍🐴 ______________________ The list carries on for DAAAAAAYS, so the bedt thing to do is reach out to me grabbing a time on my calendar AFTER jumping through the application on the site below 👇 💥💥 Check off all the boxes you'd like to see in your unit in a perfect world and let's just have a brain storming session. We partner up on deals weekly if they're a good fit and there's no telling where thes ediscussion will carry us. Onward and upward, and again, my name is Jeremy Wenger, I'm the Tiny 🏡 Plug where we'll carry it from concept to exit, if need be.