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Jay Chase




🙌🏾God First. 💎Sober | P.I.V.O.T. Mindset 🚀 🎙Host • Don’t Touch My Mindset ⚡️Explorer Of The Human Experience —————————————————— ✨I believe life is 100% mindset. 💎I help self-healers stop feeling worthless, unseen, unheard and alone, while teaching ways to protect their mindset and learn to how to navigate through this human experience and apply positive thinking! 💫Our strongest thoughts determine the trajectory of our life. ❤️‍🔥So I started a podcast that is designed to uplift, inspire, and motivate you But MOST importantly share tools to protect that mindset. Because we are always under attack by our own trauma, thoughts, negative habits, and other peoples poisons! 🧎🏽I’ve been through a lot of in my life. I’m just a dude being the best version of himself. I’m here to connect, grow and learn. 💥Be Impeccable with your word. 💥Don’t take anything personally. 💥Don’t make assumptions. 💥Always do your best. ———————————————— ✳️You can find me in rooms about: • Personal Development • Authentic Conversations