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Jason Brown




💧Founder💧🇨🇦🇮🇪 GP Misfits Fund | Advisor | Meme Dealer | Single Dad | Investor | Archangel Council introducing! 🆕 🆕 🆕 💧dripdrop 💧 The WinWin Trading App For Families 🙏 We figured out a positive way for kids/teens to willingly do daily transformations while Ending the Screen Time struggle within Families. dripdrop changed my teen’s life so much he now does Breathwork, Meditation & workouts in WinWin trades for everything he really cares about Online like his obsession with Fornite, Roblux, Snap & TikTok with his friends. As Founder/CEO it’s rewarding to grow a company creating real life transformations! 👀 WinWin is the way 👉 🚀 Startup Life: I've been in Software growth for years. Super early @Tanium @a16z $10B Unicorn🦄 & being acquired into behemoths @IBM @Intel @McAfee @Nike 💰Founder & GP The Misfits I started Misfits to fund & Launch ideas I love & back founders with BIG missions! DM’s open 🚀 Excited to advise & invest in Digital Wellness, Psilocybin 🍄, Psychedelics as Medicine, SaaS, NoCode, Cyber Security, Crypto, NFTs, DeFi, Bitcoin & Stonks that only go up 🆙 💎🙌 🦄 🇨🇦 Board Member & Lead Investor One of my fave teams & projects! We’re accelerating drone adoption in cities around the world. Efficient, safe drone Skyways are here! Open for Investor + Advisor roles If you have THE idea. I’m in. Let’s Go! PS: 👉 Let’s Invest together in your deal flow or our cool projects. Our Misfits Investment Fund is open. please DM. Newbies welcome! ☯️ ☯️ ☯️ ⚡️ Archangel Council Member Dream about Changing the world? Looking for like minded Dreamers & Entrepreneurs? Join us! & 📽 Watch Emmy winning ♾☯️❤️🍄 Personal Growth! 🌬I practice many daily rituals including having Fun! Big fan of Breathwork, Mindfulness, psilocybin, Sunrise writing & waay too much twitter 😁 My teenage Son recently said “It’s time you manifested a love life” 😂 Awww. So if you know an epic Single Woman that is into her own personal growth first & wants a partner to be her biggest fan. I’m ready. ❤️ Open to partnerships, adventure & growth in any city. Lets WinWin Together! Dual Citizen 🇨🇦🇮🇪 🛩Global Traveler. Global Mindset 📍Toronto currently 💧. 💧. 💧. PPS: Can your Zone of Genius help us grow dripdrop Globally? 🌍 I’m eager to hear from you ➡️