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Jasmine Renee




Hey! I'm a Mindfulness Consultant I specialize in helping you to enhance your wanted states. ➡️ Could you use a Reset for your day? ➡️ Do you need a moment to just Pause & Breathe? ➡️ Could you use some positive vibes? ➡️ Do you want to tap into a resourceful state like Focus, Clarity, Confidence, Calm, or Creativity? ➡️ Do you feel stuck in an unsupportive pattern? Reach out to learn how I can support you. Same day sessions may be available. ---- How I support you: I guide you through a process of self-discovery, using insightful questions to reveal misalignments & blind spots in your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Resolving this supports your overall experience in your day & enhances your ability to achieve your goals. ➡️ Through a blend of Mindfulness Practices and Mindset Coaching Techniques, I support you to: ✅ Incorporate simple Mindfulness Practices into your day. ✅ Uncover and address unaligned beliefs that are hindering your growth ✅ Reframe unuseful thought patterns into positive action ✅ Reduce Burnout and Stress I provide customized coaching tailored to your unique needs, so you can close the gap between your current situation and your wanted outcomes. Together, we'll ensure that you're tapped into the resourceful states you need as you navigate your day.   Check out the ways I can support you. 🧘‍♀️ ✨ 💞 Grab Your Complementary Mindfulness Essentials Kit ➡️ Breathe, Ground, & Center: Simple Practices to Boost Your Focus, Clarity, and Resilience