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The Hungry Medium




“I’m a psychic impression sent through a splinter in reality. Think of me as an Echo” — The Ancient One HELLOOOOOO!!! Y’all still here? I’m somewhere else. It’s private AND velvet roped. At a very young age, The Hungry Medium connected with spirit on a different plane than others. A plane that did not manifest in huge and amazing ways until she was much older and drawn to the African spiritual tradition of her ancestors as her foundation for worship. But if ya wanna keep up with me… 🎙spiritual activist, afro-futurist, black spirituality, psychic medium, Obatala, Oya, Oshun, Yemonja, faith, Shango, Yoruba, Lukumi, ifa, canna curious club, house music all night long, cannabis, marketing technologies, orisa worship, tarot, espiritismo, ancestor veneration, Egun, spiritual, spirit, obatala, foodie, vegan, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, cannabis, hemp, Cannabidiol, conspiracies, plant based, human design, 81125, psychic, readings, oracle, dimension, metaphysical, 22302, oya, oracle, meditation, angels, spirit guides, LOA, laws of attraction, reflector, manifest, NFT, crypto, spirituality, mindfulness, Web 3.0, meta, metaverse, metaspiritualist ✊🏾🗣💨🥑🥥💰🧿🔮