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🔹Entrepreneur🔹Medical Doctor 🔹Teacher🔹Learner🔹Creator🔹Doer 🔹Ambassador of the Our Mindset Foundation 🔹Creator of The Gravity Ball Method of resistance exercise the only Grip-Free Resistance Exercise Method in the world. check it out at 🔹Creator of the Key Physician of Influence (KPI) program 🩺 Entreprenuerial Coaching for Physicians. Coaching today’s Physicians to be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. 🔹I specialize in helping people TALK LESS while saying MORE 🔹UCLA Trained and Board certified in Emergency Medicine also fluent in Sports Medicine and Family Medicine 🔹Author of The 5 Habits of Healthy People book download for free at 🔹email: [email protected] Text me @ (562) 253-5842 💙