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Felipe Engineer-Manriquez




Author 🤝 Business Leader 🚧 Construction Change Maker | Scrum 🥷 Default Mood: ❤️ Open, ∞ potential 🦸🏻‍♂️ Superpower: I effortlessly see the unique brilliance, talents, and gifts of everybody I meet. ✳️ Kryptonite: Powers don’t work on me so I partner with amazing people to build and grow. 🎙Host: The EBFC Show Podcast → Easier, Better for Construction 🔔 sharing worldwide experiences to make work easier, better, faster, and fun 😊 🔊 Podcasts are published at 12 AM PST every other Wednesday. 👨🏻‍💻 CEO of The EBFC Show LLC, Podcast and Business Consulting ❓ Construction is complex and challenging enough, let’s partner and positively build up people, processes, and the business of building. 🤝 Positive (and negative) role models/mentors changed nearly everything about how I work today. I’m committed to those working to make our industry better. Follow me to see how purpose, autonomy, and mastery are transforming the industry from within. ➡️ 1 in 6 worldwide work in construction ➡️ Craft and professional labor are in high demand ➡️ About 3/4 projects are late and over budget ➡️ Nearly 98% of mega-projects ($1B or larger) fail ➡️ Mental Health issues claim more lives than project accidents since 2020 ✅ International Keynote Speaker ✅ Bestselling Author ✅ Passionately enabling easier, better, and faster work patterns ✅ Registered Scrum Trainer™ (RST) endorsed by Dr. Jeff Sutherland 👇 Use Twitter Bio link for all connection options