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⭐️DeSo: @TheDiverseAlpha⭐️ 👉 ————— 🏦Projects👇 @AlphaTradingCards🎮🃏 - Gamified NFT cards🃏 @AlphaPack🐺💰- DeSo’s Best Investment Fund💰 ————— 🚀🔥🃏Alpha Trading Cards🃏🔥🚀 Current SOLD OUT SET👇 -NFT packs filled with NFT cards(transferred) -Packs opened LIVE on stream -Varying rarity, cards in packs are randomly generated ☝️Only available through secondary market 🚀NEXT SET COMING SOON🚀 -Will have playable NFTs to battle each other live on stream!🔥 📺Twitch.Tv/AlphaTradingCardsNFT ————— 🏦🐺💰Alpha Pack💰🐺🏦 ⭐️Passive Income💵 ⭐️Daily engagement posts for 💎💎💎 ⭐️Weekly raffles🎟 ⭐️Dividend payouts every 2.5 DeSo💰 👆(ALL FR goes towards dividends) ————— 💎WANT TO JOIN DESO??💎 👉Use my link below to get $25 for signing up!💰