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💪I help busy women get fit and feel fabulous in just 34 minutes per day without going to the gym! 🤩I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur on a mission to help people THRIVE in life! I’m a former NFL cheerleader, 20 year USAF Veteran, and 25x marathon runner! ✨I love to help powerful women find their body confidence and voice again! No more wearing black, feeling overwhelmed, and talking smack to themselves! 🤯Going through an identity crisis?! In transition?? Are you ready to level up your life, fitness, and business?! I’m your gal! You must be ready to go all in and say yes to yourself and your health! 🇺🇸I also serve as a Certified DEI Consultant, emotional intelligence and temperament facilitator in the Air National Guard. I’ve been serving for 20 years now and my husband is in the US Army Fulltime! I love helping fellow military spouses start their entrepreneurial journey! 😬We’ve moved 4x in the last 4 years and I’m retiring from the military this year! (Another big powerful move to go ALL IN on my business) 🎉 🙌I’ve developed a toolkit for confidence and resilience during these challenging times! 🥰I'm obsessed with personal growth, working out, traveling the world and enjoying all parts of my life! 🚀I’m a people strategist! I empower people to set goals, shift mindsets, and make big moves! 🤩My energy will launch itself through the phone or your computer screen! 👇There are several ways to work with me! Reach out today! I cannot wait to meet you all! Cheers! Krystal