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Morris The Connector




Embrace Your Inner Royalty. I am on a mission to inspire and empower YOU to wear your own crown proudly. My journey, from the depths of despair after losing two sons to transformation into a successful business owner and game changer, is a testament to the human spirit. As a Transformation Coach, I offer the 'my Focus and Believing Mindset program, designed to help you break free from limitations and connect with your authentic self. I've lit my own path and learned how to ignite the light within my clients. We are all born leaders, whether we realize it or not. It's not about asking 'Why me?' in our darkest moments; it's about declaring 'Try me!' and discovering our purpose. I provide a free Accountability Program on my website and share my story as an international inspirational speaker. I've even had the privilege of addressing important issues like knife crime at 10 Downing Street. My journey also includes a forthcoming documentary and a deep commitment to giving back. I aim to open a school in Africa for orphaned children, recognizing their potential as the future of our world. Join me in my vision and mission to provide resources for Africa's children through my Non-Profit organization, Morris The Connector CIC. Learn more at