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Sylvie Dan




✔️Founder & CEO of Ovation Consult™️, an IT and an AI award-winning company.🏆 ✔️TOGAF | PMP | CCBA | ITIL | CSM 📢🧡 :: Top Business Analysis & Business Architecture Voice on LinkedIn | international Speaker | Mentor | Tech girls & Women in Management Competition Judge 🍾I leverage technology to improve operational efficiencies and drive digital transformation to improve the customer experience, using the new methodology called Enterprise AI Transformation Blueprint™️ that I developed. 👩🏽‍💻OVATIONCONSULT.COM ==================== 💙💖💛💙💖💖💛💙💖💛 Looking for mentorship program? Check our website 🖥 HTTPS://ALLO.COMMUNITY The community is about quality, service, and value. ===========••=•••••• 🗣Activité parallèle 🌟🤑 INSTIGATRICE 🌟💰 MUSE 🌟🤑 TROUVE LE NECTAR DANS VOTRE ART 🌟👩🏽‍🏫 MENTOR (gestion de projet, Analyse métier, gestion financière development personnel, entreprenariat ) voir lien de la communauté 👆 ==================== Who am I ? ✅ I am an open-minded woman in IT (WinIT as I like to say) who is also advocating for young girls and women to enter the field. ✅ I stand for justice, equality, gender equity, result, constant improvement and on my clients' side, I stand for total satisfaction and ROI. ✅ My service is a unique powerful way to analyze and manage organizational needs. ✅ I serve and treat my clients the way I would like to be served and treated. ✅ My best advertiser is a satisfied client. ========= Club ✔️ ALLÔ Community ✔️ Lean In Network ✔️ Voice Travel™️ 🔥Room: Voice Market™️ ======= 🍑 We are all at the center of our own narrative, but it’s a narrative that changes every time we retell it. ~RW 🍑 The stories we tell ourselves about our past experiences determine our future. 🌏