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Visibility Specialist known as The Queen of Being Seen ❇️ House Owner | Room Host | Moderator | Audience Member ❇️ I work with business owning founders, and corporates to be more visible, raise their professional profile, put themselves out there more confidently so that they feel better about being seen, are more profitable and can promote themselves to sell what they do. Creator of the: 💫 Visibility Activator System™️ 💫 The Opportunity Optimiser™️ 💫 The SuperHuman Programme Currently Delivering: 🎤 In person Speaker & Visibility VIP Days Ideal for Coaches, Mentors, Speakers, Authors, Trainers and Podcasters who are ready to be visible from more pages, heard on more stages and experience high impact visibility that sells their products & services from the screen. ✳️ Ask Me Anything in Clubhouse rooms about having you or your business be more visible… even if you already are ✳️ Clients have included: 🔵 British Telecom 🔵 FaceGym. 🔵 Metropolitan Police 🔵 ICA International Compliance Association 🔵 Catherine Deane. 🔵 AWTE Association of Women Travel Executives 🔵 TEMBO 🔵 ITT Future You (Institute of Travel & Tourism) 💫 be visible, credible & confident 💫 make a memorable impact 💫 articulate in your words 💫 share your best work 💫 sell your products, programmes, books, services and message How you’ll do this. (((You’ll tap into the characteristics of your most ideal audience, clients or colleagues))) Through how you: 💫 sound to them 💫 show up for them 💫 present your work to them 💫 convey your credibility to them 💫 sell them your stuff ✍🏽 Most active on LinkedIn To enquire about private Training, Mentoring or Self study programme using the Visibility Activator System™️ visit Mini Bio: 💫 Visibility Specialist since 2010 👑 aka The Queen of Being Seen 🎤 Speaker & Businesswoman. ✏️ Mentor. Trainer. Consultant. 🎙 As seen and heard on the BBC 🌎 London born 🇬🇧 Origin 🇧🇧 A well regarded speaker, award winning mentor, business woman, consultant who has been seen and heard on the BBC throughout the UK. Speaks and trains nationally and internationally, at conferences and corporations around the globe. 🎤Still booking speaking gigs for 2023 and 2024 🎙Contributes in interviews and podcasts on request. All IP shared remains solely mine