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I seem to be a verb 🌱Living Systems 🌐 Systems Change 🌞 Self-Realization ⚛️ Decentralization ⛰ Walking The Beauty Way 🌀 Synarchy, Synergetics, Syntropy ☯️ All-Win / Integral Ontology Clubs: 🕸 emergent church - join us every Sunday @ 10:11 pst / 11:11 mst / 1:11 est as we become whole together through spontaneous, collaborative, non-denominational spiritual practice. 🌇 Political Rise: The Political Rise is a domain of politics oriented towards integration of perspectives, dialogue, and care for the places we call home. Join us for a new and ancient kind of political dialogue and culture in which all perspectives are welcome in a shared pursuit of a world that works for all. Dharma: Systems Architect at ♾PLATF0RM, a decentralized media cooperative. Governing Consultant at the 🦅Independent National Union, a post-partisan political organization dedicated to a fair, free, and thriving civic future. Creative Director at ☀️Political Rise Magazine, an all-win civic culture publication. Systems Facilitator at 👁Meta Tao, a paradigm shifting ministry at the intersections of collective sensingmaking, choicemaking, and action. Imagining a regenerative creator economy on Bitclout 🚀🌚 @thebeautyway 👇Let’s co-create! 🕳🐇