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“I learned that under my goodie two shoes lie some very dark socks.” -Lisa Simpson 🎭Actor. From the age of two, Amir Jamal Williams has appeared in commercials, TV (A Different World, All My Children, New York Undercover, Law and Order, Daria) Movies (HBO, USA) Theater, Voiceover and Print. 📚Author x2 ⭐️Bestselling Author of The Bates Theory: A Guide to Overcoming Toxic Mothers and Male Co-Dependency, and Flame of Retribution, a novel based on the 2006 police shooting of Sean Bell. Dedicated to healing the broken young boys that have become men. Available on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes and Noble - DM me for a signed copy! 🌟🌟🌟 🎭Acting Coach. 🎥Filmmaker 💻Screenwriter Director of the play Diary of a Mother Director, Head Writer at Dei Gratia Productions ✍🏾Editor-in-Chief at Nation of Flame Publishing 🏢NY born and raised ♐️December Baby email: [email protected] Cashapp: $DeiGratiaPro