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Hey Clubhouse I am alen baiju 2 years experience drop shipping ­čôŽ buisness 3 years experience education consultant 4 year experience fitness guide Here to help and learn Dm let's chase that goal I got your back Here to network and Learn petrochemical technology degree undergraduate student Passion #Entrepreneur #Fitness athlete #chess player #martial arts #small scale investor Personal Blog #Single because I am not ready cause i am still not a high value men #Currently doing a fashion store online #Education consultant service #beginner arm wrestling Social media accounts Instagram @thealenpro @thealenpro Twitter @thealenpro Telegram @thealenpro Personal Instagram account @thealenbaiju Fashion store Instagram @cubefashionstoreofficial @cube_fitness_essentials Whatsapp broadcast ORIGOEDUCATION CONSULTANCY SERVICES Instagram @origo_education_ Are you good enough on worst day To beat your opponents in his best day -: Andrew Tate Dm to learn more Nationality­čç«­čç│ Language: Malayalam , English