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Thea Camara




🎭 SAG-AFTRA Actress I 🎬 SAG-AFTRA Local Broad Mem 🗣 Voice Artist I Writer 🎥 Executive Producer I Coach 📍 Bi-Coastal | Chicago Native | L.A. On Clubhouse to listen, add value, inspire, meet new people, assist, create and grow. 🎥 BET-PLUS: Merry Switchmas As- Bailee Baxter (Lead) 🎥 NBC: Chicago MED, (Recurring) As- Irma Dunn 🎥 911ONFOX -S4 E1 1/18 As - Vanessa Hubbard 🎥 Netflix’s: David Fincher, Mindhunter, Christopher Nolen, Walk Away From Love. 🎥 BET: Christopher Nolen, For The Love Of Christmas, London Mitchell’s Christmas 🎥 BounceTV: Mark Harris & Lisa France, Everyday But Christmas. 🎥 Amazon: Spike Lee, CHIRAQ, Kim Conner, Before I Do, Jump In. 🎥 Urbanflix TV: Christopher Nolen, Regina Jones 🎥 NBC: Chicago MED, Chicago PD. •A Believer •A SAG-AFTRA Member •A Film & TV Actress •A Writer •A Creative Cook •A Libra Sista ♎️ •A Life Long Learner •A Friend Indeed. •A BigDreamer. Consistently working on my craft by being a great listener... reading, writing poetry... take classes (virtual)... self-taping, writing, painting, etc. 📚Training: ASC - Chicago Ivana Chubbuck - London J.McNeil Studio - LA TSAW - ATL Fun fact: My legal name is: TheArtis IMDb: TikTok: @theacamara01 Website: HBCU ADVOCATE QUOTE: Dream Big or Don’t Dream at All‼️