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♣️Circle of Excellence Club & Mastermind (TM). I will motivate you, I will surprise you, I will encourage you, I will push you so that you can see your real limits! Cash app: £KaroPaszkowska Master NLP Coach🧠 working with leaders Master Hypnotherapist 🌀 Master Time Line Therapiest | Strong magnetic voice | ✳️ProMod|Powerful Problem Solver| Transformation mentor | Abundant mind | Visionary | System thinking |Accountability partner to many | Don’t follow me if you want to just chat about your past. Mind trainer 🧠 Master NLP Coach🧠 Master Hypnotherapist 🌀 Master Time Line Therapiest FOUNDER: The K Method ⭕️ Partnering with leaders & visionaries Join my circle -> Passionate about quantum and quantum linguistics 🧬 ✳️ Host: ⭕️Come with a dream - MASTERMIND - the most powerful 60min mastermind on CH Join us on IG @comewithadream 💡 💌 [email protected] 👥 IG: @the_K_method ——————————————— 🌐 >>HOW CAN I HELP?<< 🌐 Known for: ◻️ Moving you forward ◻️ Growing your money mindset ◻️ Teaching strategies to success ◻️ Masterminding ◻️ Bringing a lot of perspective ◻️ Connecting the dots ◻️ Creating massive results ◻️Working your mind to create powerful results ◻️reprogramming brain ◻️releasing anger, fear, sadness, hurt, guilt and more through Time Line Therapy PASSIONATE ABOUT 👌 written & spoken language 👌 neuro plasticity 👌 behavioural economics 👣To relax I hand paint unique art on clothes & on canvas -> check my work on insta @the_k_designs🎨 ———————————————— 🔔 tap the bell icon and you will be notified about the rooms you can find me in speaking. 👋 DM me on insta if you would like me to jump in and comoderate. FOR COLLABS & COACHING⤵️ 💌 [email protected] 👥 📍 Bases in London, UK 🇬🇧 📍originally from Antwerp, BE 🇧🇪 📍 Born in Białystok, PL 🇵🇱 🇵🇱 🇧🇪 🇬🇧 £KaroPaszkowska 23979 Main Insta @the_k_method