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Jon Harp




🎯 I Help Realtors Grow Their Business 🔊 I Share Exactly How we Built Our Real Estate Team. Favorite Quote: “Success Unshared is Failure” - John Paul DeJoria 📈Help Lead Top 5 Team in Columbus 👨‍💻Columbus House Team - Realtor 📢 Run 30 Agent Real Estate Team 📍Columbus, OH 🖤 Creator of Major League Success Real Estate Coaching Company for New Realtors and Realtors that want to build their Real Estate Team. I teach Realtors about the following: 3 Business Pillars Why Consistency Matters Implementing & Executing on Key Systems Power in Partnerships How to Have Patience Real Estate isn’t a Sprint, it’s a Marathon. I help you run your Marathon Faster & with the ability to Go Longer. DM about my Fast Track ONE20. Daily Success Guide that Realtors Need for Their Business 🔎 1 on 1 Real Estate Agent Coaching, Daily/Weekly Realtor Success Tracking Sheets, a Buyer & Seller Consulations, Lead Conversations that convert, more! I want to give you all the systems of the franchise, without you having to pay the franchise price tag! DM me to learn more!