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My pronoun is boss. Call me Lō Don’t. Ever. Call. Me. Loren. Love me or hate me; just pick one, and be consistent with it. Dig? LOve My artist, IBF Jay Gee @jayg_ime , drops Volume One of his EP Trilogy #MidwestSlump In God’s time.. Tap in now, or knock extra hard later... [email protected] 🛑👀👂🏾We’re coming for #eardrumsNtrunks Don’t take my word for it; visit our site & take a listen for yourself. I triple DAWG dare ya not to nod your head. IBF Publishing, LLC 📍Denver, CO @ibf4reel #IME #beYOU #IBF4L #IBF4Reel #trap2trapstreetz #rhythmNtrap Sharon son since 4/20/1971.♉️ 210 birthed me. 757 raised me. 303 calmed my Black a$$ down. Renaissance man. Empath. USAF veteran. Black. Business. Owner. Be your own brand of Beautiful. You are the only *you* that will ever exist. Own that shit. Note: I will always protect my peace and my energy; I encourage you to do the same. Dig? (Transitioning soon to If the hook don’t win, the song won’t win. We’re here for the culture, not the vultures. Much LOve,