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Terra Kelly




🍏I’m a professional coach for aspiring authors who want to get their stories published to increase their influence, credibility, and profitability.🎙  📱Creator of the New Book Experience, an author success opportunity that gives your books more after a reader reaches “The End.”  📎Co-owner of a digital media company with my husband. All thanks to a dream, I went from not understanding anything about publishing to writing and releasing 32 books in just six years. 🌱If you’re ready to start your story but you still feel stuck, DM the word >>READY<< to my Instagram and I can share a FREE 7 Step Guide for Starting Your Story! It’s time to share your story with the world! My passions are... 📖Writing contemporary romance & romantic suspense books. (Over 32 books published so far.)  🍣Creating recipes for my upcoming cookbook full of delicious food and several romance stories. I’m a... 🔬Food safety nerd. 🤩Great friend who loves to laugh loudly. 🐱Cat lover who talks in complete sentences daily with my cat Juno. 📚Avid reader - favorite book is The Red Tent. #beyourpassion #speakyourkind #stand4joy