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Tenika Deshawn




🪵Lady Carpenter🏡 Real Estate MomPreneur 🥋Martial Arts Enthusiast 🌟Magically Manifesting Building Your Dream Future - let’s get crafting your ideal life!🌟 ✳️ Moderator Real Estate Rooms X2 a Week 🗣 Public Speaker on the following issues 🪚Women in Male Dominated industries 💰 Finding Financial Freedom 💪🏼 Resilience Mindset 🙏🏼 Faith and Gratitude 🧠 Mentoring programs for Females in Carpentry - DM me for opportunities. 📆 LOOK OUT FOR THE LADY CARPENTER 10/10 TOUR COMING SOON ! 🔟 Houses 🔟 Speaking 🔟 Different Cities 📍Pittsburgh 🇺🇸 $LadyCarpenter