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Teesh Hay




🍯 Buy some Black (Dark Brown) Honey... **FREE SHIPPING** Raw African Black Bee Honey is The Superior Nectar as it’s highly Electric and Regenerative. Bigger Jars - 3 oz Black bee honey is different from your every day honey. This Honey contains over 200 power-packed compounds sourced from a wide array of tropical herbs. It also contains trehalulose which is an extremely rare high-grade sugar that breaks down 3 x slower in the intestines resulting in a gradual release of simple sugars in the bloodstream. Though it is a sugar, oral bacteria cannot digest it thus it prevents tooth decay. Trehalulose has an additional attribute in its 1-1 glycosidic linkage, it doesn’t crystallize and does not need to be refrigerated. It has an Earthy flavor and is thick like molasses. Thank you for your interest and thank you for your support!