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Linda Thomas The 'What Really Matters' Coach   I help purpose-led people identify what really matters, then fine-tune their lives so they can achieve it with grace and peace.  Together we use my proven methods and just enough tech to make life smoother than they ever thought possible.   🎤 I will be speaking at the Unleash Your Legacy Summit on Nov 19, 2021 at 3:30 PM ET Register for free here:   📢 BIG NEWS! 📢 I'm launching my new group coaching course with bonus sessions for those enrolling now: The Legacy of Love Project:  Bless Your Loved Ones By Designing Your Perfect End of Life Plan in 90 Days Or Less Without Fear, Overwhelm, or Feeling Stuck   DM  Info  to get more info on all we'll be doing and when we'll start   DM   Holidays  to get my free PDF:   7 Sure-Fire Conversation Starters --  Guaranteed to spark unforgettable stories from your parents & grandparents this holiday season   MY COACHING PRACTICE I provide coaching to help motivated purpose-led world changers: Identify and protect their cherished goals Move with consistent momentum to achieve those goals Honor and care for themselves Spend more time with the people they love Build stronger relationships with family, friends, community, industry peers Experience ease, grace, and rest every day Live an effortless life Live a life they love Live a life that matters Make a lasting impact on the world   💥  Connect with me here for everything        🎁  Free gifts        💻  ALL my links        📣  What I'm up to