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Reuven Levitt




✨A spiritual being having a human experience on a path of healing and growth. 🔥 Living life on purpose ❤️ I love and resonate with the term “Wounded Healer” ⭐️ Attention and Intention are the two primary points where we interface with our own lives and can practice change. 🌿 Change is a practice. 🙏 Practice gratitude as often as I can for this miracle of a life I have been given. have my moments where I am still dealing with the trauma and pain of my past and constantly learning new tools and practices to enhance my self compassion, self love, awareness and presence. My dream and continuing practice is to contribute my bit and leave this planet a better place than how I arrived on it. 🦄 Spent 20 years as a serial Internet Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley from the Dot Com boom and into my 40th birthday. At 40 ended my codependent relationship with the screen and transitioned into being a full time human, artist, meditator, parent, movement therapist and light worker ⛑ 🧘🏽 Having had a daily dedicated meditation practice for the last 10 years I feel deeply connected to my purpose of bringing as much light as I can into this world. ❤️ 👉 Founded TechProofKids Helping parents and children build a healthy relationship with technology. We are all struggling with how to best handle these incredible devices we all have in our hands, yet it’s not as simple as it seems, especially for our little ones who are learning how to deal with screen addiction. 🥰 Moderate a Spiritual Hygiene room on Thursdays at 11am GMT