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Neil Thompson




Teacher of geeks 🧑‍🏫 Podcaster (I interview geeks) 🎤 Children’s book author (a book for future geeks) ✍🏿 I’ve worked as an engineer and patent agent, but I have other interests. Here are some of them: 🗣 Founder of Teach the Geek, working with engineers and scientists to better communicate with non-technical audiences. ⏭ 🎙Host of the Teach the Geek YouTube channel and podcast. I speak with STEM professionals about their career journeys and the ways that public speaking benefits them. ⏭ 📚Author of the children’s book “Ask Uncle Neil: why is my hair curly?” My nephew asks me why his hair is the way it is, and I use science to answer the question. ⏭ 📍San Diego ⏭