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Chikako Shiji




Hi, everyone. I’m Chikako . I am a Japanese . Now I’m an English learner. I used to be an English teacher at public junior high school for 33 years . I have already retired from my job. I have a husband, two kids and 5 grandkids. I enjoy the harvest time in my life. I like the Beatles. I have been a great fan of them for fifty years since I was a teenager. I love Paul the best of all. I also like traveling abroad. I love European countries. My favorite country is France. I have been there over ten times. I am a France lover, because France has everything what I want. I’m into BTS now , because they are the representative among young generation all over the world. Their performance is great and professional and they are cool. I also like appreciating fine arts at museums. My favorite is French Impressionism from 19th century.