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Threads: - or - Creator of the house “Life Out Loud” found here: - join us. Leader. Parent. Artist. Optimist. Mentor. Musician. Songwriter. Poet. Wine fan beyond. Peeling back the layers of life to uncover my greatest self. “The journey is the reward. We did not come this far to only come this far.” I don’t use my rooms as an advertisement, but happy to be of service: for personal and leadership coaching. If you have to tell me about your faith every time you open your mouth the one thing you clearly do not have is faith. 🏠 Work Homes: IBM, Volante, Constant Contact, Endurance Group, Newfold Digital, MRO Software, PSDI, New England Musicians Association, WGAO, WMRC, Leading Edge and so many more… 🎁 Volunteer: Habitat for Humanity, Youth Tech Entrepreneurs, More Than Words, American Heart Association, Rosie’s Place, Cradles to Crayons, The Walker School, Big Sister - get involved. It matters. “But I failed..” said the Mind “You can try again.” said the Heart “…and again and again..” said the Soul” 🐶 🐱 Pet-peeves: Trolls, people who pretend to share but are really just promoting their coaching or crypto business, the overuse of the words “founder”, “toxic”, and the phrase “it doesn’t serve me.” High-five this, Mel!