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Tech influencer 🌟 Venture Fellow 💎 技术圈的欧阳娜娜 📍Silicon Valley 坐标硅谷 Google SWE 💻 Columbia Alum 💙 Gen Z OH -> MO -> NC -> NY -> NJ -> CA 🇺🇸 #WomenInTech #AsiansAreVisible 🌈 Content Creator 科技自媒体 (150k+ fo) ✏️ Personal website: 💬 Twitter: tiancaixinxin ***Open to reviewing deals*** AI, web3 & consumer tech, pre/seed Talk Web3, Startup, Creator Economy, China Tech, AI/ML, Blogging, Culture, Diversity and Mentorship 🌲🌍📖 Promoting gender equality in STEM on Chinese social media since 2018 🙎🏻‍♀️💪🏽 2021 ACM Tapia Conference Speaker🎤 Christian. Feminist. Views are mine 🌻 👉 Life too short for hearing mansplaining 👉 Let’s have real conversations :D 💠 Recent articles on Medium Why is it Hard to Run a Clubhouse Clone in China? Zhihu is not China’s Quora: A Creator’s Perspective 🔰 Other platforms Read & Connect ⬇️