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Andressa Furletti




🔸 Brazilian multidisciplinary artist based in New York. 🇧🇷 🔸 Co-founder and artistic director for Group.BR, NY's only Brazilian theater company. 🔸 Clean NFTs on Tezos platforms Hic Et Nunc and Kalamint. 🔸 Creator of the Gaia Viva series - Video art being sold as NFTS on Hic Et Nunc, donating 22% to environmental protection organizations. 🔸 All NFTs benefiting a cause, because I can and because we must. Acting ➰ Performance Art ➰ Playwrighting ➰ Art Installation ➰ Filmmaking ➰ Visual Arts ➰ Directing Need help onboarding to NFTs on Tezos? DM me, I've got you. 🎯 Interested in artistic collaborations with cryptoartists, visual artists, filmmakers, and theater makers. Awards: 🏆 Best Multimedia Show for free•dom - a solo of many people 🏆 Best Script for Diálogo (Dialogue) 🏆 Best Short Film for Separation Sonnet 🏆 Best Actress for Inside the Wild Heart 🏆Awarded "Best Reimagining of an Immersive Show" by This Week in NY for Inside the Wild Heart. ✨Creator of the performance #TakeaSelfieOnMe (profile picture) ✨Creator of Inside the Wild Heart, an immense theatrical experience based on the works of Clarice Lispector - ALWAYS LEARNING ALWAYS EXPERIMENTING A living work in progress.